Guide To Buying A Photocopy Machine

If you own an office, then there will come a time when you may need to have a photocopy machine. This is due to the administrative requirements of the office and the need to own such a machine for efficient operation. A photocopier helps create volumes of documents. When one requires purchasing a photocopy machine, it is important to do a bit of research, to know what machine will work best for their needs. Below is a guide to buying a photocopy machine.

Buying A Photocopy Machine

Know your needslkzskskskalal

It is important to know what your needs are. What is the volume of photocopying that you do in a given period? Do you do big, medium or small volumes? The quantity of work that you do will help buy a photocopy machine that will be able to handle the copying, reduce malfunctions and avoid delays for the copier is manufactured manage the job.

Choose a model

Once one has ascertained the volume of work that the copier will need to perform, then one needs to decide on the model to purchase. Different models handle different volumes of work. There are desktop models that can handle around 700 copies in a month. Then there are large copiers that will handle bulk copy work. The different types of copies include:
• Laser Copier – these are fast and cheaper to operate.
• Analog Copier – these copiers use lenses, lights, and mirrors to project an image of a document that needs to be copied.
• Digital Copier – these are an advanced version of the analog copier
• Multifunctional Copier – These copiers are manufactured to perform a variety of functions. They can print, scan and fax documents. Some new versions can be connected to the internet and can wirelessly send copies to other compatible devices.
• Color Copier – Such copiers are designed to copy documents that are colored. They have a variety of ink toners that combine to produce colored documents.
• Mono Copier – These copiers only one ink toner color which is black.

Different photocopy machines have varying speed that depends on the model and brand. It is important to check on the speed when planning to buy.


Most of the copiers are available in different sizes according to the needs of the business. The cost will vary and will factor in various features from the quality of work, brand, speed and color. It is important to compare costs before purchasing. There are also different places one can buy a photocopy machine. However, it is wise to find a reputable supplier to buy from.

Service and maintenance

,mskskskskskskPhotocopy machine will also need to have servicing and maintenance done. Find out whether your supplier can offer this service. Such a service ensures the copier continues to working at its optimum and in the case of a malfunction there is a team to repair the machine.